Blinds Solutions

Ventolite products will enhance the beauty of your home, showroom or business and will protect furnishings from the sun’s harmful rays whilst expertly controlling the glare and penetrating heat from the sun.

Ventolite’s ever increasing range of quality products which are purpose made, easy to maintain, will serve as an investment for either domestic or commercial use.

Ventolite have the experience and the product to create a look which best serves your needs.

Wooden Blinds

Ventolite offers a large variety of shades and grains for wooden venetian blinds, that give a welcoming feel in any room or environment.

Aluminium Blinds

Ventolite offers a vast selection of aluminium colours and pattern finishes, these aluminium blinds bring sophistication and style into your room.

Roller Blinds

Ventolite offers a range of Roller Blinds that are functional as well as decorative, enabling full use of the window area.

Vertical Blinds

Ventolite offers a range of vertical blinds that will enhance the beauty of your home, showroom or business.
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Become A Vendor

As a manufacturer of a range of wooden, aluminium, roller and vertical blinds, and has been supplying their products to vendors for over 40 years, you too can partner with us and become a vendor of our quality products.

Measuring Guides

We know how frustrating it is to purchase a product only to find it does not fit your window, or your door which is why we have put together these measuring guides, so there are no surprises when you purchase your next product.

Get A Quote

If you are not sure where to start when purchasing the right blind for your home, office or showroom, then why not leave us with your details and we will get an experienced consultant to give you a call for expert advice.