Our Blinds Range


The vertical blind is individually designed  and manufactured to be an economical alternative to curtaining, and is available in various blade widths from a modern range of colours and textures.


Technical Guides

Technical Specs pdfTech-PDF
Installation Instructions pdfInstallation-Guide-PDF
Sales Sheet pdfSelling-Guide-PDF

Safety & Warning

Young children can STRANGLE in the loop of pull cords, chain and beaded cords, that run through window coverings.

To avoid STRANGULATION and entanglement, keep cords out of reach of children.

Always keep cribs, playpens and other furniture away from pull cords, chain and beaded cords, and always reduce access to pull cords, chain or bead cords.

Operating Instructions


To rotate the blades to obtain optimum shading or privacy whilst retaining the view, pull gently on one of the beaded chains until the desired effect is obtained. Should one of the blades become miss-aligned, ensure that none of the blades are trapped or overlapping another blade on the wrong side, and then pull the beaded chains firmly in one direction and then the other. The blades should now work in perfect synchronisation.


To transverse the blades to the other side, hold both cords in the hands and gently pull one cord to move the blades in the desired direction. Please rotate the blades to the open position before operating.

Cleaning Instructions


Dust regularly with a vacuum cleaner brush or a clean soft cloth.

Spot Clean Stains:
Use a mild detergent in warm water, then blot dry.